An angel just flew away--- The devil won again

#include "youdreames.h"

using name space "tears arenot the end of you sins "

void pain(actions youactions,actions recieved responses)    // no return type function

Caring about  someone is not an easy thing;
you dont know the trouble and pain that it can bring;
making you heart and mind moving like in a swing;
seeing him would make your soul flying like  having a wing;

You may have saw him an angel although you didnt know his name.;
You may have cared about him without even caring where from he came.;
The good  feeling he brings you cant be controlled and for that: there is no one you could blame;
Feeling happy and safe seeing him makes his sight atarget for you to claim;
Making him smile or even hearing his voice will make you nervous as being engulfed in flame;
That will make you go for him without any aim.;
For you, he is an angel you are dreaming  of, he is in your hall of fame.;

Sadly you like him many more than he do;
Honestly for him you were just a nobody came out of the blue.;
whatever you do to make him notice you ,you will never make a breakthrouht.;
because sure you are not seeing him like he is seeing you;
You may hear a nice word you may hear a thank you.;
Surely by your care they do understand you.;
But whatever you may do now, your angel just flew;
cause a beautifull angel like him can neve be for you.;

You made him afraid you made him flew;
You made him feel uncomfortable sticking near him, he felt too much of your presence too.;
Now pay for what you have done wrong and For the right you did not do.;
Sit down and cry even till the end of days you will never make your dream of him be true.;
Dreams cannot be that easy to pursue;
life was never that green and  blue;


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