Face Off

Hello every one i have just watched face off Again today,And so i want to write an article having that name.
Having your face taken off doesn't really require any surgical work, stealing your true identity can be done without you even noticing ,Forgetting who you really are or what you really want to do is bitter that taking your face away because it takes your soul ,it turns you into a nobody ,just an animal eating and breathing with no value in life.i don't want any one to become that nobody and to wake up in a day realizing they have disappeared from the face of the earth ,Not with your body but with your soul discovering that you are not living the life you want and being happy like you really want.
Never give up on yourself . However different you are be sure that your difference is what makes you exist in this world never sell yourself Be yourself before you discover that you have lost your self and you had your Face off.

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