Take off your mask but believe me YOU WILL DIE !!!

Can you imagine living your life without a mask ?
yeah i am talking about you and me, to be honest,we all live under fake masks, we hide our identity, most of  us even even  hide what we feel,We let no one near our life pretending that this is our private life .
I believe in privacy don't get me wrong, but the point is. How can you deal with people knowing  already that you are not seeing the true identity that they hide behind their fake personality.

I know already that who sees with his eyes is easy to fool,But truly,Wouldn't it be better if you can live your life with your true identity without fearing or lying.I mean would it be that hard if you can be yourself 24/7 ?
Will it hurt that much.

I am thinking that way because recently i discovered that i deal with most people purely as i am without thinking and without hiding what i feel .While of course for others nothing is what it seems.I swear i can see the outline of the masks that people wear in every word they say in ever smile they make, I know it is not their mistake .It is my mistake that i trust people that much.

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