Types of we

Don't we all dream of a better future?

havn't we all thought of our reason of existance?

it is well known that every thing happens for a reason and every one of us have a role in life even animals,even the smallest insects play a role and have a purpose in life so i think by now we must think that we are no less than those living things.

I have discovered and iam going to give you my reasons that we as humans live in three states and three states only.

first state a state of deep sleep:,
In this state peaple dont have a meaning or reason to live they just live because they wake up every day they eat because they are Hungary they wake up because they have no other thing to do they are asleep althought they seem a awake they are in fact dead although they may seem breathing to you.

second state of semi awake
in this state peaple and I am afraid to say Most of us live wondering why we are alive we are asking we are questioning why we live we are feeling that there is more to our life and we are trying to discover and understand why we live but unfortunetly we are not trying hard enought and sadly most of us discover the truth very late or even never discover the true meanong of living

the third state in fact we wouldnt talk about what is it or what is it named,because  who reach it may be called super human so please let me call this state supreme reality if any human reach it nothing can stop him ay successful man u have ever heard about or even seen have reached this state or even approached it.

that is the state we are seeking that`s what we want that`s what we need and must try to reach

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