yes you can call me crazy :) ,No i am not a fool :@

Define crazy ??

You all may call me crazy because; I do what i want when i want where i want and although i don't cause any harm to a single soul ,You still call me crazy and sometimes even look down on me.For you people i have only one thing to say.
unfortunately for you all : "YOU SEE ONLY WITH YOUR EYES SO YOU ARE EASY TO FOOL"
If you sit down and think you will find that this is not me being fool.It is me Living my life.

i cant just wast moments of joy or restrain myself to your sociological phobias  of people's opinion or view to your character.what is the problem if you just smile like a child , act like one ,have your own unique traits ,or even adore eating children's candy in public,Am i harming people , Do i cause  you lung cancer by my proudly acceptable (to you ) manly Cigar ? No this is me living my life without harming a single soul ,enjoying every second in it.

Being different is being unique
just one question if all the people on the face of the earth are a carbon copy of you , will you enjoy life , hopefully not is the answer.
 being different is what defines me , what  brings out the best of me .

Another thing that may cause you all to look down on me is you being the type of PEOPLE CARE ABOUT ONLY THOSE WHO CARE ABOUT THEIR LOOKS AND ACTIONS.
well i don't care about those people , believe me people who care about you knows the true identity of you know that being childish does not ever mean that you are ignorant or shallow minded,people who you should care about their opinion will not look down on you just because you are being yourself.

I am who I am ,I do what i do
Nothing will change that
and if you don't like that
I don't care about you

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