NEVER CONSIDER ASKING me what this is because really i can’t know i think it may feel good
“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

     Closing his eyes or even leaving them open. It makes no difference to him .by now he can enter and live in his secret own world with his soul while his body remain in the human world. As he enters his world of dreams all his fears disappear nothing can harm him here, nothing can make him sad, he can control some details every detail about his life he can feel free he can dance he can laugh he can cry he can be whatever he wishes he can even be himself even if that will only happens in his world of dreams.

When he created this world to live in he wanted to stay away from the human world all the characters in there was from his imagination he made friends with people he would never see or meet not because they are far away from him but because they just don’t exist life was perfect in his world until he realized that his world faced a really big problem.

He discovered that his world was silent no one else lives there , having this big world only to himself really changed and expanded his brain he became even more stranger a whole imaginary world exists in his head that really expanded his brain. And by the time he realized he will have problems controlling this world he had already began to have interferences between his world and the world his body existed in. Sometimes he could never decide which one is better for him to live in he had no one else beside him .he had some friends lots of friends in the human world but his troubles always makes his imaginary world a safe place to escape to.. A shelter if that is the word.

Having finally solved the conflict between his two world he is now a better person nothing can stop him .he can dream freely because he knows that dreams can go true in his own world so how hard can it be to make it true in the human world.

He is a kind person he have no hatred for no humans. he have no problem in imaging and trying new things he is free , he can he called crazy .nothing can make him stop enjoying his life. He may seem strange but he is finally himself; he can listen and dance to the loudest rock music and it the same time a country song or a beautiful piece of music can make his soul tremble and tears appear on his eyes, He can play music, write poetry and talk in verse But he can also deal with all kinds of weapons from knives to swords, pistols and Assault rifles. He can enjoy a beautiful sun-sit but he also enjoys his time in a shooting range. Anything that can make him happy he can do he have no limitations.

He learned to value the moments of happiness he learned to enjoy every second of his life .he decided to do anything to make him happy even if he will be called crazy. People never cared about him when he was sad or when he felt bad so why should he even care about them when he is happy.

If he likes something or someone he has no fears if he cares about someone he should make him feel... why should he be afraid? If he sees some one beautiful for him nothing or no one should stand in his way he is said to be crazy but I think for him to be called crazy better than to stand still. Even if he is only happy in his dreams even if he is happy for seconds even if being happy is only a thought he should chase it. He should trust his heart and soul cuz crazy things in life are often the purist because they exist and be done without regard for consequences,

This person may be you or me this person exist in our world this "HE" is not far from us this he is what we all should be
Day dreaming, hoping for the best and enjoying life is good

   <Span>“Wishing is good for us. Daydreams, fantasies, castles in the air, and aspirations all drive us forward, impel us to make things happen. They also tell us a lot about ourselves. Our wishes come straight from our core, and they are loaded with vital in”</span>

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