Egypt ,my beloved home always was, forever is (part1)

Egypt,My home, my beloved country,Do you know me,of course you do , you never forget your people even if they sometimes forget you,You always were and will till the end of time be our beloved land,Even if we sometimes go wander around the planet ,thinking we can find a better place to be but don’t worry ,your true sons soon learn the truth and return to you,or die with sadness and remorse that they left you.
always was you there for me,on your land I grew , your water I drank ,your food I eat, and your air I had always loved to breath.
for several thousand of years you had existed  although my age doesn’t count for a drop of sand against your ancient history,but I feel your age in every drop od sand in your land and on the faces of people.

your people have been always complicated,Egyptian and during all this years if something was proven it is your people cannot be understood.
So kind and submissive they may seem.So strong ,wild and free they always been and always be.history had proven that nobody can truly control Egyptians.nobody can bend their head under any condition  they shall not bow in front of any external force.and maybe if not the long history of foreign occupation trials serve to declare this fact maybe our revolution will.

I shall not speak about the revolution nor How for the past 30 years we were mind washed to change and lose our Egyptian  traits and position among the world.I will only talk about what we should do now,having all the obstacles removed from our past .having the fences of imagination and progress removed,and having all the freedom that was deprived from us .

we now much decide what we want to do,do we want to continue living like animals every one for himself ? animals don’t do that by the way,even predators help each other to enrich their society.
have you seen a pack of wolves working together to become stronger,well go and watch national geographic but anyhow we cannot live every man for himself.
we already now that one cannot survive by its own. even if you are rich and have money , you need others to have people to provide you with service, you need the society around you to make your money or power function.
simply you cannot isolate ourselves from society you in your place need others whoever they may be.I will not talk much about how we cannot just live for ourselves.

so how can we make a change to our society.and I will take the general guidelines from my beloved prof.Sayed kaseb, a man who can really think
first justice and security.
humans cannot produce under the feeling of insecurity and even if they did, they will only do that to satisfy their basic needs , they will only work for themselves because they will not trust the society around them so why would they even care about developing it.
man has no value without work , whatever that work may be , we are all rings in one connected chain,and no ring is more important than the other , the integrity of our society does not only depend on the top of the line technological jobs or positions more than it depends on the working forces,simply we cannot all be captains in the ship,or else it will fail.We must all work as work ensures our survival in this world it ensures that we provide our basic needs.
Education and  knowledge.
with work alone we cannot progress if we keep producing the same quality of products and services we will fall behind in the race of countries , we won’t be able to keep with competitors.we will not only remain where we are but will also fall behind and disappear due to lack of progress.
Our Education system is where we should start at, fixing it will not only save the coming generation from experiencing the same mind wash and lame system that we have lived in,but also will lay down a strong foundation of our community progress, if you have a good seed , sure the tree will grow strong.Curriculums must be changed to cope with the new ways of learning , 200 year old methods that had been adapted to serve in the mind washing and innovation killing must stop immediately.

to be continued soon…

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