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“If you leave someone alone in the dark for that long, their eyes start to adjust. They start to see things, no matter how small. Because if they exist they can help you. Help you do the only thing you want to do when you’re alone in the dark; get out.”... Wenter worth miller = Michael scofield

Every time i feel lonely i find my life turning black.
And even if i appear smiling be sure i was hiding a dull fact
U may have felt that my soul is intact
But for long i have lived black
I will not care about what i once were
You and I should only care about what is there
I now stand strong and please hear what i want to declare

I will live free and i will die free
This is the fact to be
I am no captive of my fears
I am no prisoner of any tears

Maybe i have felt weak but this is over
Maybe once i was confused but now i am sober

No more fearing any pain
No more hiding from the rain
I am in control of my life
And for anything i do i am the one taking the blame

I am there and i do exist
That is a truth no one should resist
That is a fact that even i once missed
And if u disagree with my existence and want to give me a fist
I do aikido and i will twist your wrist (sorry for el 2lsha: D)

Now you will see the pure me
I no need any masks to hide what i want to be
From any fears i will not flee
I declare now that if god helps me I’ll be as solid as a tree
There is just a simple fact that u should agree
That i is free to a very adequate degree

 We are all captives of our own imagination living in prisons of own creation. 
We can run from our fears but surely we can’t hide .cuz the longer we run the more we will find ourselves looking over our shoulders in fear. Stop running take matters back into your own hands, that is our play your only play. & just remember if facing your fears will kill u at least die like taking it in the face...

Mahone: I've tracked down thieves, killers, even former military, but a structural engineer from Illinois was able to get to me. Wanna know how? Self: Yeah, I wanna know. Mahone: He stopped running. He got aggressive. He took the game to me. That's your play. That's your only play.)
 Sorry about the quotes from prison break i just love them: D :)

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