Nobody is me {old} el7 i have changed

Had my life ended or there is still away

is there still hope or had it all gone away.

Am i to live normally and happy or had the chance gone away

i am nobody even if you think i scored the top of play.

Nobody knows me nobody wants me nobody care.

I live in silence and in it will stay.

Darkness around me and there is no way to light my way.

I am lonely and no 1 cares anyway.

I don’t want anybody to come near my misery or share with me pain in my way.

I don’t want anyone to suffer by even sharing my way.

I am walking in darkness and in it will stay.

Maybe i die tonight will you even care for a day?

I am afraid of everybody i feel ashamed of my play.

I closed my life on me so no one cares...

i am not near any friend and doesnt even have the strengh to become there.

If i died today i left nobody near me to even care for a day

i see no Hobe in me. I know there is no way.

My god please show me if there was away. Or at least end my life if it was supposed to stay that way.

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