old TExts from my notebook (truth)

Years after years, how could tears remain in my eyes without falling? 
Thinking what i am doing in this life.

Rolling in the great world thinking what are my goals in life.

Survive? To live only to eat and breath forgetting my humanity.

Where is insanity to live like an animal to live and forget that others have their place right next to me to live?

Will u ever understand that u have a role in life.

A role to work and try to push things for the better.

Bitter is life to live for myself only.
Lonely will i live and die alone if i don’t make a change

without committing to what god created me for to work and make universe a better place.

Depression is a phase we all pass through but believe me sadness is no place to go.

Why sadness where happiness is independent from money where happiness may come from a word, a smile or a look on a face. 
Where happiness can only exist in the pure of hearts.

We live maze where we have to find our way out to the light without help where the lazy dies in the dark where who seeks help from anyone but god gets lost where power is mind and power is hope.

Where preparation can only take u a step far but faith in you can carry u on the rest of the trail.

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