Who am i :( [old] maybe sad

Who am i don’t know.

I try to live many lives and figure my way.

I want to find out my role in the play.

I want to find the answer to the question

the question that made my write 2day

the question of why i live my life this way

why i live and feel trapped in misery every single day.

i wish to die 2day

i live among people with a frowny face

but inside me deep in my core

i am squealing of pain

i want to cry but i need sthing 4 my pain.

Why i am left alone to deal with my pain?

Why i am some one behind a keyboard and face 2 face i am not even 10% the same?

Why i can’t speak to any one or even talk to relive my pain.

Why is it written words that only make my soul plain?

Why is it that i feel that i am 2 persons living life the same?

Why i am talking English when i am expressing my pain?

Will someone please tell me one reason to endure the pain?

I am on the edge of my threshold and i am wishing no more pain.

Dear god please shows me away out. Or relive me of my life if it is to stay that way.

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