Discovering people,Seeing the world differently

We all go on with our life dealing with people, some we find worth our care some we find worthless, it is not the hours or days we deal with them it is how we feel dealing with them, the human interaction is one complicated process, no one will or shall ever understand, We like people for no reason, we feel safe and we trust people without actually understanding why.
There are two types of people we meet in our life.
the first type are the ones we like at first sight whether of the same or opposite sex, we find ourselves liking them with no reason actually without even thinking, To tell you the truth, most of them end up being discovered worthless, because we like them maybe because we see sthing in them, we build their character in our mind ,we fulfill our wishes of how we want them, and in the end when we see their real image, they just fade or become worthless. I won’t argue on that I have had more than 12 incidents that I call which made me sure that one cannot build my image on people just by first sight.
The second type  and I believe most beautiful type however,is the ones we start with zero knowledge of them , we start with  no assumptions ,first we may not even know their names even we consider them strangers , just nobodies, but when we start dealing with them..
We see pure beauty; we begin to see perfections, kindness, beautiful souls, trust, purity and priceless perfect character. Just knowing they exist in this world can make you happy because you feel the world is a beautiful place after all. Let me call them beautiful, let me call them pure but whatever I call I am sure I am not this time fool
People we meet people we see
But only very little we find from inside real
Wherever we meet them whenever they may be
You are honored to deal with and that is a guarantee
You see them kind inside
And their beauty shines to the outside
You discover that you like dealing with them
And you just wish perfect they remain, and for their character take pride.

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