An eclipse story

I sit down to watch how the moon shines.
In a sky where black and white colors aligns
I open my eyes and allow myself to see.
How simple beauty and complicated scientific phenomena combines.
Most of the times I used to think the moon was sad
My mood usually caused the image for the moon appear black.
And even in the moments and days I l felt happy .
I forgot there was beautiful thing I could look at, God I was Mad.
I don’t know why I accuse you of being not true.
A stone floating in space without you one can easily get through.
But I sat and finally decided
That from now on I will take time of my day to look at you.
For millions of years wolves howled at you to fall.
Without fear you stayed and lolled at them all.
I don’t know if sometimes you like me in yourself lost faith.
I can see you stand brightly telling them to keep parking this is my life and what I choose is my call.
I am sure I am crazy but I believe you are looking back at me .
Seeing me in this good mood I am imagining that you are wishing forever like that I be.
Maybe I am crazy I don’t actually care.
I believe you are telling me to remain happy and useful as a fruitful tree.
Ok my moon I can hear what you say
I promise you that in good mood and strong, I will stay
And even if sometimes for some moments I break.
I promise you that my faith in god and in myself will not sway.
I had said it before but my will was not set right.
I uttered meaningless words day and night
Somehow I feel this time will it will not be only words.
This time I believe I had won the hard fight.
I had written a thousand lines on what cause me pain.
Today I realized that not all water is worth to be prayed for because it isn’t rain.
I can’t let myself get sad because of worthless reasons
I must be strong and understand I will meet such things while trying to win what I want to gain.
So dear moon let me come back to you.
Please memorize that with this lunar eclipse an important day markes my life new.
Today I decide I am not bad I am just different.
So not all going to love me for who I am , and not all hatred for me grew.
I just have to move on knowing the people who worth my care and those worthless too.
I see you smiling at me while you fade
You fade just to remind me that sometimes stars can feel ache
I can sometimes feel down
But I can never lose faith in my fate
Because after darkness regaining light is just great.
I can’t tell you how much I want to thank you.
From your eclipse, a lesson into my mind got through
We must remain happy whatever the cost.
Because inside we are pure and kind we are human and true.
So form now on only happiness I will allow myself to feel.
And when I get down as soon I could stand up I will heal.
So no more ever regretting anything I do
I am human and that is why I feel.
Thank you dear moon and I promise you will see me more often

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