Keep going your Way , doing what you do :)

When all the world is telling you 'no', tell yourself 'yes' ten times louder.

By now whatever your age may be  ,you should have realized any problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem. people can and will be mean to you , the whole world will fight you even if you are kind to them, whatever good you may deal with other people , there will always be those worthless , those who will try to bring you down. I have been there , we all have been there and the solution i found is simple.

To tell the truth i didn't reach it by myself, i was really down in a very bad mood after i have been attacked by people i did only good to them , but then one good person i trust his judge and character gave me the answer in a few simple words , he didn’t explain the whole never give up 20 pages speech , he just told me to let go , never mind, as simple as the words my seem , iF you think about them ..HELL YES when people are annoyed of SOMETHING YOU DO and try to bring you down KEEP DOING IT , believe or not they will burn themselves to death as they cannot take their hatred to the next level ( they will disrespect themselves trying to do so ) and then you will win :D

Act as you ate telling the whole world don’t threaten me, there are things worse then death, and I can do all of them. They will feel afraid of you, if you just have the courage to be strong.
And remember
If people don't like you for who you are then so what, they aren't worth your time. Your true friends will like you no matter what, no matter how you dress or how you are as a person.

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