First Tweet contest , My first trophy

I had learned to enjoy everything I do to the max, Life if full of things that Will make you eel sad and down , At least for me it was , So I learned to enjoy every thing I do to the max.
I learned about tweeter from one of my colleagues, Didn’t find it much interesting then , until the day I discovered tweeting can really be a joyful thing , it brought me much happiness , but was going to get me in trouble Open-mouthed smile , let’s forget about that,anyway..
I became a tweet addict , reached 1000 tweets fast and now I have about 120 followers , tweeting became like breathing and eating to me , I enjoy it a lot specially when I tweet and see the tweets of others like me , they say that tweeter connects people with similar minds and character –Unlike Facebook – , and I had to agree.Smile.
It was Saturday,I applied and received an invitation to attend the JAVA7 launch event in Egypt , it was held in the AUC new Campus.We took the bus from Cairo UNI and I met a few older colleagues from year 3-4.

The event it self was boring , first the bad preparations and technical problems and lame boring sessions .. but then they announced a tweet contest and I came to life .
I had my laptop but they had no WIFI , I fired up my android and started tweeting using the hash tag #J7EG first I thought I was the only tweeter , but then I realized that there were others after the prize too Sad smile.
I found someone named Ahmed Moustafa he had a laptop and hw was going to win me Sad smile . I almost lost hope because till 127 tweets he was appearing to be more active than I did .
I didn’t give up , I began tweeting every thing starting from the ceiling to the cup of tea I drank , I even tweeted the food they gave me and the food I bought , I tweeted till my eyes went sore , my hands hurt like hell ( take care that  I am an aikidoka ) so when my wrists hurt that means I am very tired . I tweeted till 6 pm and they announced the results.

I Won by 14 tweets Open-mouthed smile  my score was 164 tweets . they gave me an original book on java , “O’Reily AJAX on java” it is the first prize to get from tweeting and  I am very proud of myself Smile

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