My trip to the fortress ,i.e. the Japanese embassy

Yesterday I went to the Japanese embassy for the first time in my life,I didn’t know whether or not the trip will be worth doing but I did it anyway  , I sure will not regret it.I had some good time there , actually I was happy.
I took a bus to the Ramses sq. and from it I walked a while to the Ahmed-Helmy bus stop and took a bus to Helwan , I saw  the Japanese flag and I knew I was there .
From then on it was only good first the security personnel were very friendly and courteous, they treated me not only with respect but by kindness and smiles , I love that the security measures were very tight but because they were very friendly I didn’t feel afraid.
then I met the Japanese organizers  , they were mostly girls and to tell you the truth I really like the friendly Japanese people, I mean the way they respected and treated me as a guest and the way they spoke I really felt happy .
The event I attended was the 6th jen open salon, jen is an acronym standing for Japanese Egypt Network , the salon was about the Japanese martial arts and discipline, the ambassador    gave a word on the Japanese culture and even himself performed something called radio exercise which is popular in japan .

Next they lectured us on the japanese martial arts they introduced Prof. Dr. Amr El-Kadi AUC he is Professor & Chairman in the Department Of Computer Science & Engineering in The American University in Cairo by day and a Director and Chief Instructor of the Middle East Japanese Karate Association in the middle east by night he currently holds 6th Degree Black Belt (Roku Dan) from the Japan Karate Association (JKA), and is a JKA certified Instructor, Judge, and Examiner. Really Nothing is what it seems Smile

After the interesting lecture and videos Dr.El qady presented to us one of his students , a young karateka who performed a kata , he was amazing Smile.
I wanted to stay more in the embassy but unfortunately one of my fiends was going to give me a ride home , so I had to go out early , I grabbed a copy of a free magazine on the way out with the name Nibbon ( japan ) and . I believe I am not sad I left early because I am sure I will be back soon , I joined the jen website and forum and will visit the embassy a lot more often as they provide so many good activities there , I know I will enjoy going there again Smile .

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