A week full of events

This is the busiest week of my life, I have so many things to do Today I am going to the Japanese embassy for the first time in my life , Tomorrow I am attending the .NET spark session in the smart village and on Saturday I have an interview for the IEEE CUSB program in college . god help me please.
I am very excited about today, This is the first time in my life I get to meet and see Japanese people,I had learned from my Sensei(teacher ) that the Japanese embassy is organizing the “6th JEN OPEN SALON”  in which they will discuss [Japanese discipline, Martial Arts, Principles and Philosophy], I am vey interested in the Japanese culture so the event seems to be very good chance to get to know about japan more , I am going there for the first time in my life so my friend fady is going with me .. I convinced him to attend with the help of the open boufeut at the end of the event , I am much more excited about the event it self ,they will lecture about martial arts spiritual topics and will organize two karate demos for us Smile.
Tomorrow I am attending the .Net spark event , I know it will be boring attending it alone  No one is coming as far as I know Sad smile , but I believe it will be a good day too , I really hope so…
If I survived all of that , I still have my interview with IEEE board , I am Appling as a head in their computer club , actually I wanted to go formal dressed but we have a major fun day in our department and I am one it its organizers , I cant have fun with my formal cloths as the  event will involve running and playing activities , I have a Japanese language session too , I Really don’t know what to do yet Open-mouthed smile.

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