A dream come true

The past 24 hours had been proven to be one of the happiest hours in my life , I got accepted as an MSP . my happiness is not only because I became an MSP , it is because I succeeded in the interview , My efforts and preparations worked. I will till you how it all went.
I first heard about the MSP post when I joined the computer department first I thought it was impossible to even apply, then I began learning more about Microsoft and my fear began to decrease , I began participating in events as a volunteer and began learning what this post has to offer and what I have to do.
some months I was encouraged to apply to the MSP program and I did sent my application , it was only last week that they replied back and they determined the date and place of the interview , it was in the smart village on Saturday 26-8-2011, I had to prepare a presentation in English about a technical subject.
I made my presentation about cloud computing and I spent 4 days training to give it , I even extracted my old TOEFL IBT book to practice speaking in English , and it worked  Smile.
I did a flawless presentation no mumbling no umms, and my answers in the interview were so sharp that those who interviewed my were impressed , they were so happy , they even game my present for participating in the Cairo IST  fair .
Yesterday I did another interview to join the tech hope group , it is a higher post it even makes me a MSP automatically ,I didn’t prepare well for it so I am did not expect much.
And then the news came to me while being on the bus to my aikido training I got accepted as an MSP , believe me I almost screamed out of pleasure on the bus Smile I was and will always be happy for that Smile , and proud of myself , I took another step to achieve my dream and to follow my passion.

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