Learn them all , then forget them.

Too long have i read about how one should live his life , i don't mean the purpose of life , i am a believer and Islam showes us that we were created to develop this universe , and to worship god. I just think about how one could do that..
I read books but i read quotes more , quotes from famous people ,who apparently have found success , every one by his own vision ,he is successful in his own different way,but the thing i found in common among all successful men and women ,they were all entrepreneurs in various fiels, They all ( like me) had learned from others , But the difference was that they then set out on their own way,using their own style.
When i think about it , it is like kung fu and other martial arts , you can learn thousands of styles ,but to achieve success ,you must discover your own.
"Learn them all then forget them " that should be added to my (written ) rules book.

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