first day volunteering in Kol-Masr initiative

Today was my first day as a volunteer in the kol-Masr digital illiteracy eradication initiative by Microsoft, and believe me when I say that I really do thank god for being who I am , for having been able to join the digital world at an early age , I really owe it to my father who inspite of our little resources then insisted on cutting a part of his income to provide our home with a computer , I really do owe him a lot ..
I really went under on this task , really really under , I touched the dark side of Egypt , I went to the Vocational Training Center in Boolaa El Dakroor ,I arrived by miracle , the area is so poor , I even had to ride a dirty pick up truck to reach my destination , it drove near a dirty canal, God I cant get the smell out of my nose , I really don’t want to go again , but I took the responsibility and I have to stick to my word so I must go all this week . I am a man of my word…
Not even did I have to deal with the agonizing road but the head of the  Vocational Training Center was a typical Government red tape person , hi didn’t welcome me at first  , instead he gave me a lecture on who is the boss in this place  , I didn’t like that , but anyway his treatment got better soon , he even offered me tea and Pepsi but I quit anything soda related and I didn’t  trust the tea so I took the water option.
My throat got sore from speaking loudly , god I really do respect the teachers and professors now after seeing what they have to suffer to deliver their lessons. God My throat really hurts.
The last and most important thing is security , with things going this way in Egypt I really do care about it , thank god I am a martial artist I do Aikido and kungfu ,I am also a weapons collector whenever I go out to an insecure location I have to go  with my self defense .
When I knew I was going to boulaa I decided to take my ASP tactical expandable baton , along with my aikido and kungfu skills I though it will be enough to provide me protection , but after seeing the area and dangerous roads I wish I had an M4 with me Do you think Microsoft can provide that Open-mouthed smile

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