Living by the code of the samurai in this World: part1

My whole life I have been searching for the correct way to live, to stand out in this world ,I have been searching for myself , till I began learning aikido , My whole course of learning  started for a stupid reason , but the more I went deep , the more I have changed , and the more I have changed the more I began figuring  about who I truly want to be , I learned and began feeling the meaning of  Samurai () this who serves ,The true warrior of old japan ,a Warrior who lives by his set of rules "The Bushido Code" , The Seven Virtues of the Samurai" …
I have found out that by setting my self rules , by defining my moral code , My whole life will begin to have a meaning , and that is what I did , the more I got experienced in Aikido the more I realized that it is not my self confidence itself that got better , I have changed completely , by understanding the way of the samurai , by trying to apply these rules in life of will for sure find a deeper meaning for life .. a meaning lost in this busy strange world , where no one has time to think or admire the universe around us
the Samurai", "The Bushido Code", or "The Samurai Code of Chivalry". "The Way of the Warrior", "The Warrior's Way", or "The Warrior's
Code".is a set of virtues that the Samurai of Japan and ancient
warriors of China and Korea had to live and die by.It is what I am trying to live by in my life now ..
I. Rectitude or Justice

Bushido refers not only to martial rectitude, but to personal rectitude: Rectitude or Justice, is the strongest virtue of Bushido. A well-known samurai defines it this way: ‘Rectitude is one’s power to decide upon a course of conduct in accordance with reason, without wavering; to die when to die is right, to strike when to strike is right.’ Another speaks of it in the following terms: ‘Rectitude is the bone that gives firmness and stature. Without bones the head cannot rest on top of the spine, nor hands move nor feet stand. So without Rectitude neither talent nor learning can make the human frame into a samurai.’ ,
Every thing you do must be justified , you cant just act without intend , A samurai is bound by his words and actions , you must have a reason , even if you are the only one who understand it , Never care about what others say about it , or never even consider there opinion ,as long as you have your reason,You must look back at anything you have done and say to yourself , I did … bec of …. , bec I wanted … to happen , I am willing to accept the consequences of my actions , they are mine ….


  1. that`s awesome, never thought i would meet someone with common thoughts and interests. xD i`ll contact u soon. Adham Mohammed , MSP