My Aikido journey to the Black Belt


A week ago I asked my sensei if I will ever make any progress , if there was any hope in me and he said , you are going to be tested for the black belt next month !!!!

When I started Aikido, they all laughed at me , my colleagues , my sensei , all people around me laughed at me , I began Aikido at the age of 18 , I began  little over one year ago ,I progressed very slow , I even needed to be tested 3 times to get orange belt , I was too bad ,My body was too week , I never won a physical conflict in my life , my back was bent , I always looked at the ground , I learned very slow , I am confused at direction But  A week ago I asked my sensei if there was any hope in me ,and he said I am recommending you for the black belt test Smile 

Here is the thing about me , I never give up , I get obsessed with the things I like to do , you should see how I act when I like something / someone, I loved aikido so I set my mind on getting good at it .

I Began learning aikido 13 months ago , I liked the idea that Aikido used the strength of my opponent against him , and that I only needed to direct my power without putting any strength of my own .

I started practicing hard , I never missed a training session , during college weeks I only practiced 2 times a day , I practiced on dirt , I got dirty and tired , I practiced while it was raining , while there were sand storms , I wanted to reach my goal , I wanted them to stop laughing at me , I wanted to get better .

They laughed at my weak thin body too, that got on my nerves , I started working out , step by step I pushed my body to the limit , Now for more than a year I have a strong training program that I do on my own , it involves :

1-250 push-ups

200 sets of 9 kg weights

side/front splits

I stuck to this program and did it every day , tired or ok , late or early , I did it having a fever , I did it having flu , I did it dead tired and I did it when I couldn’t do anything ,And It paid , I developed my body shape and muscles that , in spite  I look thin , I can take and physical challenge and I can win it.

They said Aikido is a soft martial arts that cannot deal with professionals , It is a rumor, however to solve it , I began training in kung-fu , MMA , General fitness , I began attending every Martial Arts seminar, I began to get good.I began to feel it too.


My captain’s treatment changed 360 degrees , now I am his man He knows he can push me wherever he wants and I can still stand , he now respects my effort , my strength , my Soul , He knows that body builders  that are 10 times my size give up after 15 mins of their 2 days /week  training . while –thanks to god – I survive 120 mins 8 times /week.

Never Give up , Never Back Down , Don’t let anyone tell you you cant’t do a thing Winking smile.


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