second day volunteering in Kol-Masr initiative

hey all , today was a better and easier day for me , however I am somehow angry , my day started as following , I wake up at 6:30 AM and reached my destination 15 mins early , some how I got used to the smell of the canal and the scenery appeared less dirty today , maybe it is my happy mood after learning that I may enter the test for black belt sooner than I think Smile .
Anyway when I reached there they all welcomed me pretty well , offered me drinks and so , I really love teaching Smile, but then the A*&^^% who calls himself the director called me to his office, and he gave me a very rough speech  starting that I was supposed to report to him after I finish , and that I had to stay the whole 4 hours as he sets the rules , am I answering to him , does he pay me / min ?? that is unacceptable , he also asked for the course outline with hours and timing , I don’t have that , and he does not need to have that …. my god I am really sure now that if he learns that I am a student he will kill me Confused smile.
I ignored his words and since the man in charge Ahmed Ragab told me that I am the king and he has nothing to do with me I am intending to ignore this government clerk A@#$%# , he is really getting on my nerves.
People told me that I was too fast for them , actually they had every right , I was fast bec. imagine that I had to explain what the mouse does , I had to slow down …
I restarted the course , only this time I went one according to the material , lesson by lesson , I finished two easy lessons  and I was proud that by the end of the session every one of them wrote a complete document Smile , I did not explain the Microsoft office word yet but I taught them how to use the keyboard and they used it well Smile.
All what I really need is the material , they need written references to study from , Ahmed Ragab told me that he will provide them with it , but they really need it soon , I hope he will provide it along with a replacement to me , I cant continue alone like that for 3 weeks I really am tired Sad smile..

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