Third day volunteering in Kol-Masr initiative

Day three
It just keeps getting better and better , but to tell the truth I cant wait till tomorrow , tomorrow I will be set free ,I will not come the next week for whatever reason , first I didn’t sign up for a full time job , my volunteering was supposed to be 1-2 days max \ week , not 6 days a week, second I am too tired , the place is too far , the road is too tiring and dangerous , in the revolution aftermath we were afraid of thugs in our safe streets , I am in the place where thugs come from there are streets here where you can see armed thugs getting on pickup trucks and going to our neighborhoods God we really need Microsoft to provide the M4s to the volunteers fast,for me I need a custom M4AU with laser pointer and night vision sniping sights with total Waterproof protection Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile any way I would never go there at night  ..
I am not looking down on the place or something , btw I am from there ,Me Moustafa , has this place as my birthplace , I was born here , I was raised her till the age of 6 I was never born with a silver spoon in my mouth or anything I believe and I never feel ashamed , and none should , I respect the people here , they are all king and decent – at least with me – and they are kind and clean btw , the place is clean too, but the area is not , I am tired, I am sick, I cant even continue doing my workouts at night , I cant follow on my other activities I even missed my second IEEE computer club meeting , ad I don’t have time to follow my beloved Microsoft activities, I have my black belt exam in Aikido  in a month and I have to prepare
God I respected my word and showed commitment to help others , but me ,Ahmed Ragab and the people in the Kol-Masr initiative didn't agree on that , I am quitting tomorrow whatever the cost , and I am not wrong in that …
I am writing this during my break , here in the Bolaa El Dakroor vocational center , the day is going smooth , but looks like I went too fast in my explanation , people didn’t get all of what I said , looks like I will stop and  revise and tomorrow will be my last session and I will make it on the windows interface so I can waste time in practical work , then I will be free Smile

Moustafa Mahmoud , Bolaa El Dakroor vocational center

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