Tool box for the PROS

Did they tell Picasso to Monaliza without a brush, Sure the couldn’t  ,The same is for us the IT PROS , We need to have our Tool Box , With the tools of our trade ,And Microsoft provides them all
For us interested in developing some eye and soul catching websites Microsoft provides the:
Web App Gallery – create websites the easiest way
And Since The whole world is going mobile now , and with WP7 marking its domain in the market you will sure can make use of the
Windows Phone SDK link – all you need to write world class mobile apps
Either you look towards the space or even the cyber space your eyes will sure catch the cloud , and Microsoft provides you with its own cloud implementation , the Windows azure , and the SDK is there for you
Azure SDK – get the tools and learn how to develop Cloud apps

Data Data Data I cannot make bricks without stones – Sherlock Holmes
We all need to learn and train and Microsoft provides you with all that you need Smile

Microsoft virtual academy – free e-courses on Virtualization and Management , you learn , get tested and make use of the very good FREE material provided there and you can see your skill grow using the points that you collect , you are even ranked over your country or the whole world Winking smile

TechNet Portal – the essential portal for IT Professionals where you can find all the HOW-To s and  tips and tricks
TechNet Wiki – collective knowledge from Microsoft experts and your peers
TechNet Downloads – download free trials and betas of the latest Microsoft software

IT Skills for the cloud – all you need to set the sky as the limit for your career in a cloud IT environment

MSDN link – the key portal to knowledge base and free tools

MSDN Virtual Labs – it’s like a big full scale data-center but for your experiments and creativity only you can practice and use all the software via virtual machines without actually installing any thing on your pc

MSDN News Flash – subscribe for key news and special offers

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