Prison break– The story of everywhere every time. (part 1)

“My name is Michael Scofield, and I'm a fugitive. Three weeks ago, I was in a Panamanian prison. While I was there, I was approached by the Company. The Company is a corrupt organization involved in all levels of industry and government. They gave me two options: break one of their men, James Whistler, out of that prison or else they would kill the only woman I ever loved, Dr. Sara Tancredi. I held up my end of the deal, and I broke Whistler out. But the Company ... They killed Sara anyway. I don't know why the Company wanted James Whistler out of prison, but I've tracked him here to Los Angeles. He's with another Company agent I know only as Gretchen. The same agent who murdered Sara. This ends today. I came here seeking justice. The justice I now know the system cannot provide. So, if you're reading this letter, you'll know I died avenging Sara's death.”
With these lines Wentworth miller started season 4 of prison break , With these lines he commenced the last chapter of the never ending deepest story you will ever see or hear , After prison break no story could satisfy me , no movie could interest me , prison break was the perfect tale , that I regret to say , I will never enjoy another story ever ever .

Let me tell you what prison break means to me , to everyone who understood it.
It all start with a person living a normal life , an architect , like you and me , actually I was studying to enter engineering school then and somehow Micheal resembled me . The story starts with him getting himself in prison , he goes on and robs a bank , getting himself arrested, it is not after a few episodes that you begin to fully understand the story.he entered prison to free his brother who was framed for murder and was about to be executed , the worst thing about it is that Michael discovered that his brother had sacrificed his future and everything for him .
Michael is not the regular type of hero you see in movies , he is not muscled , he does not have supernatural powers and he is not super genius , he is only smart , he notice things , he knows how to plan , with some little adjustments , I discovered that I am exactly like him , He made me discover who I truly am , the skills I have , and what can I do with them , I owe him some big part of who I am now .

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