Making the impossible possible part 1:

I couldn't take it any more , i had to settle things once and for all , no more am i drawing plans , no more day dreaming and hoping for a miracle , or better future , i really have been on auto pilot for a while now , and now is the time to resume control.

I want to get sth hard , so what , i havnt achieved any normal thing in my life , i always do and get crazy things , now is no difference.

My father will accuse me of being childish. He will build tens of argues , i just have to get my pov , i have to make him believe that i can handle what am i asking him for , and by god's help i will be able to isa.

Tomorrow is the day , i will not prepare , i will leave it for god , i just hope the other part of my plan doesn't do stg. Foolish tomorrow , or it will ruin it all.

God i am willing to put my life into this , please help me ...

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