Wake Up Egypt . ep1 : U know There is a problem

    First : please forgive both my spelling and grammatical mistakes , this is a draft and i didnt fully revise it

    Every body hates The reality he / she lives in , We all curse our past , present and not expecting any thing from the future , we see stupidity and injustice every where around us , and we always say ," There is no hope ", "this is a bad world" , "cant you see what they are doing "," they should be doing this ", "Are they stupid to do that ".

    I have been there , actually this topic has been on my mind for about 5 years , and my dream when i entered engineering school was to change this reality , however for some reasons  , this dream and target was lost , I lost the reason for living , I got carried away by many other Dreams , Both fake and UN-important ones , This was a mistake , Losing my dream , Losing Our dreams , the purpose of living , will make our life fade away and disappear , this is unacceptable , my flame has been that close of dying , but now i am reviving it , We all should revive and save our flame from dying , bec if our Hope and Dream die , we will turn into the people that we are cursing now for being negative and stupid .

    Lets specialize our talk and limit it to Egypt , I am sure you are not blind , I am sure you know that there is something terribly wrong in this country , no not only this country , but the whole Arab world , here is some reality check for all of us . politics is not my specialty , but i am stating the things that i experience in my life .

1-Education : from nursery to graduation , lets face it , there is a thing terribly wrong in the system , that only cares about how much you memorize , and evaluates you as a human being and grades you based on your ability to memorize some text , even if you are a real genius in 1 field ( one field is more that enough to change sth in this world ) you will be ranked as a low product of the system , and will not find an opportunity to to add to your community , just because you couldn't memorize some Arabic poems or a silly stupid novel even if you are a genius in mathematics or physics .

    one of my dear friends , his name is Fouad , he is 100 times smarter than me when it comes to mathematics and problem solving but he couldn't manage the theoretical part , he scored low in the Thanwaya 3amma tests because of that ( he had perfect scores in MATH ) , the system ranked him as a low grade student , and if he couldn't afford the private college education , he would not have the chance to enter engineering school , which i am sure he is more than perfect for it , this is one example .

    if you look at yourself and the education you are getting in this country you know what is wrong , you already curse it .

2- Football is our sport , and Every one in the county is a sports man , 22 playing in the field  and 80 Million playing on ther couches and calling themselves sportsmen for watching them, and we all know how they used Football as a way of controlling and guiding our ignorance in this world , How many of us really does any sport .
    Can you tell me where Egypt stands in the World of Sport , Do you play any sport , Do any of your friends really does any sport , and if they do , do they get any care , does anyone recognizes them for the achievements they make , I am talking about sport for 1 reason , Sports doesn't exist in our culture , that for sure reflects on our health in this country , Can you imagine the amount of energy un-used in our world .

3- 0900 &$** ,  Look at the Culture presented to the public on tv , i am talking about the uneducated public , those who didn't have a chance to attain high level of education like you and me , since you are already reading an English blog post .

    Do you know how many humans , who lost hope in doing sth useful who are sitting on cafes dialing those numbers , if you wanna marry call 0900 if you want a car that saves you from the public transport system call 0900 , if you want a life , just call , the millions wasted by these scams ,the amount of time wasted , the amount of  literacy injected into people  that should give you a feeling that sth is wrong .

4- We are so proud of our Scientists, Absolutely None of the famous people that we are so proud they are Egyptians and celebrating them every time one of them achieved something , Absolutely No one of them received any support or recognition from the public sector , from the government or from the system , Believe me if we could have killed their talents we would have done it without thinking , oh wait , haven't we tried our best  already ???

5- They Need us stupid So that they will control us like animals forever , They need animals in their farm , their need us to forever remain like that , They are not a government , they are not our presidents , they are a system , an invisible system that controls everything in our lives .

    This system lives  within our lives , lives within us people , We grow up to be a part of this system and to help it keep us the way we are .because lets face it , our governments are not from mars , they were children like us , talking like us someday because believe me , people die , the system doesn't .

Are We ready to break the system , are we ready to really make a change , unlike this Arab Spring  that failed , Unlike our "Thawra " that totally failed ??
I want feedback from those who will read this please

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