My First day at The Innovate For Good Event By Microsoft


I am happy that I am an MSP because I received the Great honor of attending the Second Innovate For Good event , that took place in Egypt on 8/4/2010,Let me tell you how the day went . I got invited as an MSP ( Microsoft Student Partner )  to attend  and I am in The social Media Team , and My task was to cover the event using twitter , I love Twitter so this was not a job for me , it was my passion . I arrived there early and met my fellow MSPs there , Also Aboulmaged and Mohamed Gaafar were there , those guys make The MSP Program Rocks :).


The day started at about 9:00 AM , First Mr  Ali El Faramawy (Corporate Vice President,Microsoft Middle East & Africa President ) gave a key note about what is going on in the middle east and Africa , the education system in Africa , and the key Elements of success and change in any country. His Speech was followed by a Similar speech delivered by The Care institution .

Then it was time for success stories , stories from all around the Arab world , Stories about people who made a difference , whether it was by helping women , or by changing how people think , those people really made a change , From Egypt two magnificent people had the chance to share their stories , the first one was Moustafa Nageeb (!/mostafanageeb1) he is an entrepreneur and a magnificent man , he owns his own project called EKSHEF which is scheduled to be launched soon.

Then It was Time for the Magnificent  John Antonios , I love this man , and he is my friend  , an I am really honored that he is my friend , John’s Story is about he changed himself forever , when he searched for his name one day and didn’t find himself , he was shocked to learn that all he has done in life would go to waste and worthless if people do not find out or know about it , so he not only managed to create his very successful brand ( his business card btw only contains his name and the word search me ) ,but one of his missions in life now is to reach people how to create their brands , John is really a life changer , he changed my life forever .

Next it was the organized event by the Wellspring Institute , it was game time , we all got divided into a group of 11 , each one of us had a facilitator from off spring , and we moved to the football playgrounds where we played a game called taboo , basically we had 15 games to play in 1.15 hours  each game we finish we get points for the game and a chance to get 100 points if we successfully found out a word given to one of our team members by clues that he gives , we came up with a very smart solution to bend the rule , basically the one who has the word will say words each one starts with a letter from this word , so we could have easily won , but we decided to play fair after winning the first 100 points this way .


Actually the purpose of these games was not only fun , we learned tons about team work and organization , My life changed forever having learned that , one needs to plan , and the team needs to trust each other to attain success , this will change my life forever  .

Having finished the game we returned to the main hall where each team gave some feedback about the game and had a chance to discuss team work and innovation concepts  ,and the winner of the day was decided it was not us , we have made a very good score , but team #7 scored more , so they won


By then the day was over for me , I spoke with John for a while , he is helping me get over sth and I gathered my things and went home , while other MSPs really continued to do wonderful work in covering the event …




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