Aikido , The Art of finding yourself

     So here i am writing another article about my favorite and most beloved art , Aikido ,remembering why i started is actually hard ,Aikido is not that popular game that everyone hears about alot on tv or radio ,hence it would be really hard to tell why i fell in love with it, I once watched a Steven Seagal movie called Under Siege ,during this time i was 10 or 11 years old i remember and there was rarely any aikido dojos here in egypt, on the last days before ramadan 2010 one of my friends told me that he found that there was aikido training in " El Remaya Armed Forces Shooting Club"  , later we got the instructor's number and we called him ,on the first day of the training i was very ,very nervous because that was the first time that i start to practice a martial art ,eyes on my target ,you cant imagine how i got myself dedicated to the art ,over night it became my  addiction ,u can still find the picture of me wearing my Aikido Uniform for the first time .

     All my life i have dreamt of achieving something ,longing for personal victory ,turn by turn ,hard training by hard training, overnight this training became part of my normal  routine .u can easily understand how hard it was for me.

     Going to the training in another city far away ,having to put up with lack of transportation and effort of the trip,i began soon to see the results of my effort , knowing that no effort ever goes to waste ,no hard work becomes invain , over the next year Aikido became my life ,without thinking of how far i can reach ,yellow to black ,overnight i became a shodan ( blackbelt) , unrealized dream of mine became a reality .

     Whenever i look back to how and why i started Aikido , I am faced with a big question ,looking for a sharp  answer that will  give me a lot of peace , long years passed   before i began thinking about it like i do now ,never have i felt this loss of self peace,eager to find it  i began to think  , verifying every piece of information i know as a fact  , enduring the racing thoughts, realizing my dream ,Learning that what i dream of can be made into reality , Over the time i began to have faith in myself , vacuum dreams became solid reality .everything s possible , Making the impossible is just a matter of you believing , Each and everyday remind yourself of that fact .

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