No good deed goes unpunished - or does it ???

     If you are looking for an interesting bedtime story , my blog is not the best place to go , i am not here to write fancy imaginative stories , although sometime what i write turns out to be so , this is not a bed time story , i write because i feel i want to write and what i write comes out of my head through my fingers to my keyboard , and you see it , i only revise it to remove typing mistakes , because i write somehow fast.

     "No good deed goes unpunished " , how many of you has felt this really , for me actually , this sentence carries a lot of meaning for me , Do we Humans think the same , i mean , if we are all suffering and being deceived by others , and if you ask anyone you know , he will tell you the same, world is a cruel place and people hurt people for no reason and NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED , so who is causing all the suffering ? who is doing all the deceiving , if we are all victims , where are the criminals ? , they couldn't have come from outer space right into our lives , because simply , they never disappear from the planet after they cause us any suffering , and the funny thing is , if you go and talked with any of them you will find him accusing the world of being a cruel place too . a criminal from a point of view , is the victim from another . why is that ?

     The answer , we are all criminals and victims , we are not saints , nobody is perfect ,and no human is angel , it is all about the situation and the people involved , if you think you are an angel , please start a conversation with me , i am sure if you are fair enough you will confess that you are not , we are not , I am not an angel , i have and still make mistakes , I made and will make some people suffer , whether intentionally or not , but people will suffer because of me , and they will accuse me of destroying their lives and proving to them that the world is a cruel place. and i will be so busy and uncaring because i will be dealing with the same pain and suffering that other people caused and will cause me .

     It is a closed circle , but once you accept the fact , that world is a cruel place , and people are causing us pain because we cause others pain too , and that is why for each one of us , we will forever see the world as a cruel place  . maybe then we will begin to live right and understand the world around us , and we will learn to forgive and forget , so that others will do the same for us , we learn that we are sinners too , and no good deed goes unpunished :)

by me : cmpsamurai

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