The Signing Party of Dr Ahmed Samir's First Book : The Art of Aikido : History , Science and Philospohy

 At last it is out , After 2 years of continuous effort for the book to come to light  and about 10 years of dedication to the study  and practice of the art , Dr Ahmed Samir finally managed to get his first book published ,he started writing it  before even earning the first black belt , because he believed and was sure he can add something , now that he is a well honored and recognized 2nd back belt holder , his first book is available as an e-book on a DVD with a (40 Mins) educational movie .

 The book discusses the art of Aikido  since its start by Morihei Ueshiba  , and introducing the philosophy of Budō (武道) that is considered the root of all Japanese Martial Arts , it all lists and explains the concepts that new practitioners may find hard to comprehend ,The book also contains a detailed clarification of the human body's bio mechanics for the  practitioner to apply Aikido techniques while understanding the scientific concepts behind them, and the mechanics  and psychology of the movement to overcome opponents' strengths .The (40 Min ) educational video completely illustrates the techniques of the first 2 belts (5th and 4th ) Kyu with details and also some basics of using the Aikido Stick (Jo) .If you Speak Arabic and you really want to read about this topic -whether you are a Martial Arts Practitioner yourself or not - , i really recommend this book for you.

   Yesterday's Book-Signing party was one of its kind , it was in the Sufi bookstore and cafe in zamalek , a band (Sandok Khashab ) was there waiting for the guests , First one of Dr Ahmed Samirs's best  friends and contributor to the book  -he was the photographer and camera man and put some great effort for this book to come to light - Nageeb gave a word about Dr Ahmed and the effort they made till the book came to light ,then Dr Ahmed spoke and thanked us for our attendance and thanked everyone who contributed to the book . Dr Ahmed then started signing the copies of the guests , when he finished , the party started and the band played some wonderful pieces of music for about 2 hours , the guests were very happy .

    Sensei Eed ( , The Teacher of Dr Ahmed Samir and  Me , gave a word in this party , he described how he was happy and honored to be the teacher of  some of the  great dedicated practitioner to the art like Dr Ahmed , and how he sensed and felt that he is special and was going to make a change in the field , he also described how he was beside him along the way , guiding him throughout the whole way of writing this book , he even was the first one who bought a copy of the book to show his support and love to one of the great practitioner and promising Sensei ( Teacher ) like Dr Ahmed Samir .

I have had the honer of knowing Dr Ahmed and being his fried for about two years now , I was so happy seeing one of my dearest and most respected friends pull something like this through , and i wish him the best of luck and success :) . After the party we went down town and celebrated till the morning , I arrived to 6 October city together at about 4 am , after one hell of a celebrating day .I really encourage you all to get your copy of the book , and i promise you will never regret it :)

Never believe in the (right moment), you either make that moment, or accept this life as an ignorant. -Ahmed Samir.

You will never understand the signs of the universe. How many of them were sent just to motivate you. You can see it in a bird looking at you while you whistle in sorrow.In a friend telling you : "you're doing a great job."In the mystery of not understanding the reason of what you're doing and yet you keep doing it just because you beleive in yourself.
Ahmed Samir. 

Spread this message to the world :Allow love to enter your heart, never be too ignorant to listen to advice, never listen to them about what you can do and what you can't, let your heart guide the way, but never stop listening to your mind ... And of course, be the one who you want.
Ahmed Samir. 

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