What feels right makes you sleep well at night

     It is funny but , do we really act by emotions , can emotions guide us  ? i didn't think about that before writing , i am actually thinking  as i am writing this , i don't even know the results of my thinking , or what words will i write , but here we go , one way to start thinking about this debate , is to go back when we were pure and young , before any corruption ever to touch us , we stayed away from hot objects when we were young and felt warm and asleep on our mothers' kind chest , we acted due to what we felt , what we felt decided our  actions , when we were older , we also acted according to our emotions , when we talked and make friends with some people and left the others outside our lives because we felt safe and warm around some people , and didn't feel so around the others .

     Unfortunately growing older made us change the way we act , we began to change how we look at things , we are not that pure anymore , because most to the time we don't have the luxury of being that free and acting according to what we feel and believe , but sometimes , every now and then , we began to doubt our actions and how we calculate things , and ask ourselves , should i do things i feel right , or what people expect from me and will bring me good

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