Taken 2 review : Taken 2 sucks

     So i have been waiting for 2 months since i first watched the movie Taken , for the sequel , i was even going to go to the movies and see it there , because i couldn't wait for a DVDrip to hit Isohunt or anything , Taken 1 was so good that i have been dreaming of the sequel  since i knew  it existed .

     There is something between me and the stories where the main character is fighting for something precious that he wants to protect , these category of stories includes ( Prison break - Con air -Taken - Certain episodes of NCIS , and any story where the hero is fighting for something . what i really loved about Taken 1 was Liam Neeson style , his fighting style was a mix containing Aikido and his he really knows how to hunt , My two specialties in life ...  

     But here i am , i just saw Taken two , and i believe it was so rubbish that i have wasted 1h 30 mins of my life for nothing , and here is why

  • the story is so lame , that there is no surprises , they just wanted to deliver a msg that He cannot be taken .
  • The fights was so unreal ,and for 1:30 hrs i was watching a man showing of his moves , Can you believe that there was a Boss Fight at the end ??
  • I didnt come here to see so many people killed , he even killed innocent cops , if i wanted to see killing , i wouldn't watch an action movie , i would go to a slaughtery  , and he left the country with his family like nothing had happened .
  • Liam , You really screwed Your New Character ..

MY ADVICE : Watch only the trailer , the movie SUCKS

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