Always in my heart

I couldn’t handle the pressure,
I had to tell you,
That since I saw you the first time,
I knew that the feeling I had was true,
And although it made no sense then,
It just came out of the blue,
Although I couldn’t understand,
I knew I was deeply crazy in love with you,

You say you have problems and you are sad,
Accusing yourself of being bad,
Saying you hate life, and you don’t deserve to live,
And believing life will be forever black
You appear to have lost hope in future
Because I feel you are always looking back,

My Special crazy dream....

Even if you can’t see that you are a beautiful special soul
Twinkle twinkle shiny electrifying  little star,
Although you underestimate yourself,
I will never lose faith on how beautiful you are,
you keep your distance from most people,
Away at a safe distance, you sure seem far.,
But wherever you go away  ,
be sure always in my heart you are ,

Cmpsamurai November 14,2012 3:43 AM

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