Hope For More ...

Ignore me, keep me at a distance and treat me unfair ,
Whatever you try to do to push me away , i will always be there ,
Reply to my 100 word messages  with just a pair ,
I will never lose interest , i will always care .

All unplanned ,i did not prepare ,
I never  chose your place in  my heart,
I just pray and hold on to faith instead of despair .
Is there any hope or was it doomed from the start  ,

Loving you is like an addiction i tried so long to get a cure for,
I don't know exactly why it started , I don't know if the ending will be happy or ,
I cannot predict anything , it is like going into the third world war ,
Crazy in love with you , Everyday i think of you and yet all of that you ignore ,
I just will not accept that all my feeling ,hopes , care and trials will be swept offshore .

Cause i really love you ,i don't want all your attention now , i just hope for more

Cmpsamurai - 16/12/2012 12:16AM

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