I don't want the world to end on Friday 21-12-2012

They say the world would end on Friday 21-12-2012 , even thought i want it to end , even though i am under immense pressure , and that i am really breaking down , because of college and stuff , but u still have hope , i still have dreams that i have been dreaming of , hopes i want to see real , i don't want the world to end next Friday ,  I still have goals to achieve , people  to be near to  , happiness to feel , happily ever after to get , i don't deny that i curse life most of the time , i feel depressed and i don't want to live , because i feel like living in a wrong world , i have lost faith in my dreams and hopes several time , and each time , just before i completely give up , god throws me a hand , i see a sparkle of hope shining , a piece of rope that i could hold on to live for another day ,to fight another day , and to reach the edge of my breakdown later , sometimes i feel like god is helping me to become a special person , to shape me into someone special , but sometimes i feel like god is giving me hell on earth , every possible torture is being given to me while i am still alive ,i laugh like 100 times/ day , just to cover up my troubles and pain , it is strange that among all of that i felt love , dunno how , don't know why , how could the feeling of love reach someone like me , and somehow i still have hope , even if it is very little , but somehow i cant kill it , i don't want the world to end just yet , i just want everything to change on Friday 21-12-2012.

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