I don't need a new Me

Moustafa Mahmoud
well okay , let’s think this straight , I can’t just go on saying I need to change myself , get a new me , or I will stop making mistakes like these , because let’s face it , these are part of who I really am and these are not mistakes , I have to deal with who I am and what I do , so it won’t be a new me or anything like that , because let’s face it , I will never change , and I am learning , getting stronger every day and I am not losing a lot , In fact with every day I am winning , getting to master how  the special me functions , thanks for all who really cared about me and who stood by me while I was down , the words of this song " we own it " just keeps ringing in my head
I never feared death or dying
I only fear never trying
I am whatever I am,
Only God can judge me,
“- 2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa – We Own It
I mean why would I regret something I wanted at some point in my life , it is not a weakness in me , on the contrary it is me being strong and going after something I desire , this is absolutely strength and if I don't get it , then screw it , the thrill of trying is enough for me , I am who I am , I live fast , I can risk anything , I don't care , as long as I would feel happiness doing it then I am doing it , when I lose something that means it was never mine to get from the start or it is not the time yet to get it , so why being sad :D .
It will be just me , I will have fun , chase my old dreams , maybe get some action in my life , and about things that fell from my life and I got sorry about them , weight cut , just weight cut from my back , only from now on I will take care more where I put my effort ...

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