Ni-Dan and a Lesson learned

On Friday 9 May, 2014 I passed the Dan examination and got promoted to Aikikai Aikido Ni-Dan (2nd degree) Black belt, it was more than a test, for me it was a lesson, a lesson in how to live, and a new stage in my Aikido dream and my lige.

    I went to the exam under supervision of a different sensei (teacher), I was afraid of failure, but being trained by the most proficient Aikido sensei in Egypt, I had every reason to feel confident. I did pass the exam but after learning a new life lesson the hard way.

     Always Judge yourself, that was the lesson I learned that day. I learned the hard way that people could reflect their judgment of other people on you, I learned that listening to other people opinion on a person will make you see him the way people want you to see. If they advertised an evil character, you will see and interpret each and every action the person does, every word the person says, and every look  at you as being evil. Due to some problems between my former teacher and his teacher ( the man who holds the highest Aikido rank in Egypt ), I began seeing sensei Mohamed El-Sayed through others' opinion, imagined him to be evil and his way to be the wrong way, I saw him as a dictator person who only aims at power and control of Aikido in Egypt.

    This planted image had been used to serve the interest of other people, people whom I trusted, people who dragged me into a struggle that was not mine, who made use of me and many others to achieve financial benefits and to enjoy a forged sense of control and power. I didn't even suspect for a second that they were going after their best of interests, even after losing more than 1000 LE., 1 year of grading time, and being cut out from the Aikido community in Egypt for more than 2.5 years, all in the name of getting away from Evil people who only seek monopoly of the Aikido community in Egypt.

When I began waking up and I saw that I needed to reconnect with the Aikido community, when I realized that if I didn't get proper training I will not pass my Exam, when I discovered I needed the community to get my Degree from Japan. I was forced to go to the evil man, the evil man who turned out to be the most decent hard working, democratic and conscientious person in what he does.

    The man received me quite good, he put tons of effort into preparing us for the examination, he took me, repaired lots of my mistakes -ones I had because I lacked good observation and Teaching-, he upgraded my skills and began working on my self-confidence, In one month my skills climbed more than 10 times.
During that time I got to learn more about this man, why does he do that with people who came from a side that considers him evil, some of them even have insulted him personally, during my dealing with him I only found good from him, he took us for extra free classes, pushed us beyond our limits and we cost him twice or even 3 times the effort his other students cost. I really learned the lesson the hard way.

Never allow others to form your opinion on someone or something, you have to judge yourself. Don't even listen to their talks, even if you are not going to take their opinion for granted you might become lazy to form your own opinion once you hear what others advertise about a person. People will advertise opinions that serve only their best of interests, without regard of your interest, even unintentionally they will advertise what they feel about a person. even if it was because of their own feelings without regard to facts and of course without being objective.

    When you deal with people, let their own actions define what you will think of them, let their own words form their character and how you see and listen to them, we all deal with different people in a different way, so why do you think that you will be dealt with the same way like others. maybe you will be the exception the the rule. be cautious, but be open and develop each person's image yourself.

I am grateful that I learned this lesson without losing a lot, 1 or 2 thousand pounds, 1 year time, that is not called lost, It may have been worse, people may lose their whole life time because they never bother to judge people themselves. I am thankful, I am happy and I am glad I learned this lesson.

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