Becoming the Devil 0.1

Every 24 hours each and every one of us takes a small step in our 365 day trip around the sun. With each new day we receive new memories, experiences and social interactions that change our identities, how we feel about ourselves and how others see us, one step at the time.
With that said, It is an easy to comprehend fact that all the demons in the world were born as pure little  inexperienced and memory less angles.They are born with no social interactions too. How did they grow up to become these monsters ? how do pure little babies grow up to become the monsters that they have always feared, the demons that bring pain and suffering to all of us ? how do we ourselves change into the demons that we have always despised, hated and feared?

I have had my heart broken many times, yet recently I did break a heart, I have learned how to lie, deceive, manipulate the truth to my own advantages. I have hurt people, looked down onto people and wished and planned evil for others,. I have developed an evil character that have no feelings, no mercy and is bound by very little moral rules, when I look back to see how the little frightened and pure heat child, who have always cried when put in a tense situations, or when any one just hinted harm towards him started to develop this demon character and becoming everything he once feared and was hurt from, I can only relate that to my 24 hour trips around the sun.

To be continued...

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